January 2022

Red Schooner & The Fantastic Voyage

UNDER $50. If you think Caymus is too sweet try Red Schooner Voyage 9. It’s everything you love about a bottle of Caymus with not so much of that sweet taste to it.

Hess Select

UNDER $20 If you dig, earthy and affordable I’d suggest a bottle of Hess Select.

Mount Veeder Winery Explodes With Flavor

UNDER $50 or a half bottle for under $30. This a real bargain buy. I know I say that often with a lot of my reviews but I really mean it with Mount Veeder Winery.

Prisoner 2019

UNDER $50  or under $40 for a half bottle. A very well known and popular red blend, that’s artwork pushes the boundaries just as much as its taste.

Decoy Lures Me In

UNDER $25 You may have already been enticed by this nice bottle Decoy Cabernet, but if you have not allow to fall into the temptation.

Sequoia Grove

UNDER $50 If you are looking for a something with balance, then grab a bottle of Sequoia Grove. If words like savory and chewy are buzz words to your ears, when you are looking for a wine. Then grab a bottle of Sequoia Grove!


UNDER $50 Deliciously dry, full bodied, flavorful, rich, with a very smooth finish!

Résonance Resonates well on the Palate

UNDER $40 If you are a Pinot Noir fan, please do yourself a favor, and let your palate dance with the taste of cherries and currants that will surprise you from your first sip of Résonance.

Rays of Light with Raymond

UNDER $50 This Cabernet Sauvignon is as rich and full-bodied as its label. I am excited to try more from their vineyard.


Under $25 A true definition to it’s name. Juggernaut is a big Pinot Noir that packs a punch.