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While I brought up the term “full disclosure”, I am by no means a trained wine expert. Wine blogging is VERY subjective, and most of the time if I try something and I do not like it, I will not blog about it. I am just an overworked mommy of two, who was sober for 3 years having kids back to back during a pandemic. That’s right, while everyone got to have a sip here and there to take the edge off of the madness, I had to experience it sober. So my credentials are simple, my palate became very unfiltered when I was able to return to drinking.

Submitting a product for review

Sweet! I love trying new things! If you would like to submit a product for review please contact us at Info@SipEatRepeat.com. I cannot guarantee the publication of a blog about any submitted products. Only because I cannot guarantee I have anything great to say about it. Any products that are blogged about that have been submitted for review will be clearly stated as such in the blog. Since I cannot send back an open bottle of wine, or coffee or spirit, or really any products I blog about on this site, products will not be sent back and we keep the right of ownership of those products even if we do not include them in the website. I’m sure you understand. That is just gross. And potentially messy.