" W h a t W i n e G o e s W i t h C a p t a i n C r u n c h ? " ~ G e o r g e C a r l i n


T o T h e B e s t W i n e C l u b Y e t !


Thank you for playing along! I started this wine club by modifying my daughters book club chain letter, in hopes overworked people would have a little fun. It’s always nice to get a bottle of wine and it’s fun to try something new. However, trying something new when you buy it for yourself is a little hard. We tend to buy what is familiar to our palate. Well, now through this “wine club”, 6 people you may, or may not know, are sending you wine. It’s simple you buy 1 bottle and get 6 in return! 

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Pinot Noir

Sangiovese Sierra Folia

Blueberries are organic grown combined with little wild plums of all colors we pick ourselves along the Snake River that separate Oregon from Idaho.

Jeremy Nickel Cellars Cab

The generous mid-palate has mouth-filling textual layers with hints of toast and vibrancy to the fruit. The gentle acid balance opens the palate finishing with soft lingering flavours.
Vena Cava Savigon Blanc

Domaine Prieuré-Roch Blanc

A light yellow in color with a creamy bubbling and an elegant and persistent sparkling. The nose is fragrant and expressive with fruity and floral notes.

Eat, Repeat


A r t i c l e s

We hope you enjoy our blog! To start your own chain letter please email us at info@sipeatrepeat.com

Maple-Soy Salmon Bowl

Salmon is always a quick, light and healthy go to meal for many. It’s also an easy fish to get

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