UNDER $30 but frequently on sale for $13! A soft, flavorful, French Sauvignon Blanc

Where to buy:

Wine.com $30 but frequently on sale for $13! Check your shipping state for availability & price changes. Shipping costs is about $15.95 for one bottle.

CWSpirits.com unfortunately doesn’t have this gem. And to break my heart even more their Sauv Blanc selection is frequently out of stock. I’d give The Prisoner Wine Co. White Blend a try, it’s $30 and while it is a blend of grapes, (Chardonnay, Muscat, Roussanne, and Viognier) it offers the similar hints of peach, and honeysuckle/ white flower. Use code SipEatRepeat for a 5% discount off any order! CWS.com is a great option if you are looking to ship to a state like MI. Or any other hard to ship to State, their shipping cost is about $16.10 for one bottle.

The prisoner Wine Co. $32 Prisoner obviously does not carry Biscaye Baie, but they do ship to hard to ship to states that wine.com cannot. So I’d recommend their Blindfold Sauvignon Blanc It’s $32 and has some of the French CĂ´tes de Gascogne White similarities; cirtuis, peach, honeydew white flower.

What I love about the wine

Biscaye Baie Sauvignon Blanc is a bottle of wine that first came into my when I was a little tired of white wine. We were on vacation and had so much seafood paired with white wine, I just wanted a little change. I wanted some warm seafood pasta, and a heavy cabernet to shake things up a little. We were at a restaurant that proudly farm raised their own oysters, and the waitress kept telling me they were a must try. She also highly recommended me to suck it up and give Biscaye Baie a try with my plate of oysters. She said, if I was so over white wine that I hated it she would buy my bottle of wine and my round of oysters. I literally had nothing to lose. Boom! I loved it!

I love French Sauvignon Blancs more than I think. You cannot go wrong with a chilled bottle of Sauv Blanc from New Zealand, but when you just need a change, when you really love the grape, you just want it done a different way, I’d start trying more French Sauv Blancs. They still offer the same staple citrus fruits you love in New Zealand Sauv Blancs, but you get a little more notes of peach and honeydew and different tropical fruits, like lychee and passion fruit. It is a different experience for your palate with the same grape.

But how does it taste?

Biscaye Baie Sauv Blanc, gives you an pretty darn close description of their wine on the back of the bottle. Pears, white peaches, lychees, passion fruit. It is more on the dry and acidic side so it taste best super cold. Because of the acidic level, I would say it also gives me a grapefruit vibe, but it isn’t too tart don’t let that turn you off.