UNDER $26 The perfect bottle for anyone who has said they would like a buttery chardonnay that is not too oaky.

Where to buy:

Wine.com $26! Check your shipping state for availability & price changes. Shipping costs is about $15.95 for one bottle.

CWSpirits.com unfortunately doesn’t have this gem. But they do have a great selection of other white wines! I would give Smoke Tree Chardonnay a try, it’s $20. Use code SipEatRepeat for a 5% discount off any order! CWS.com is a great option if you are looking to ship to a state like MI. Or any other hard to ship to State, their shipping cost is about $16.10 for one bottle.

What I love about the wine

I am new to trying a chardonnay that is aged in a stainless-steel tank instead of oak barrels. And Diatom Chardonnay nailed my experience. I am not a fan of oaky wine, and it is very hard to find buttery chardonnay’s that fit that bill. Every time I ask the bartender for a creamy chardonnay without too much of an oaky taste, I feel like they want to throw me out of their bar. I am not schooled in winemaking, so maybe you can’t have one without the other. So my apology to anyone I have offended, but that is the only way I knew how to express to a bartender what I am looking for. I know learned I need to ask for unoaked chardonnays.

Unoaked chardonnay is fermented differently that it is an oak barrel, therefor the wine isn’t as acidic or aggressive. And while Diatom Chardonnay isn’t the creamiest chardonnay I have found, it still does enough creaminess to it to make me like it.

But how does it taste?

Diatom Chardonnay, back label is not at all what I was expecting to see on a bottle of chardonnay. Meyer lemon, lime peel, and sea salt are words i would expect on a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, not chardonnay. Diatom has got a nice hint of citrus but still tastes like a solid chardonnay. It is not very acidic or sharp.

There is still enough creaminess to it, to give you a smooth drinking experience . This is a bottle of wine that works well alone, with creamy cheese, or excellent with any type of seafood that is soaked in butter, like lobster and crab cakes.