UNDER $80 I know it sounds pricy for a brand that you have probably already tried and paid about $35 bucks for, but the winemakers at Justin have put silk in a bottle with Isosceles.

What I love about the wine

Justin Isosceles is scandalously bold and silky. Since I am not a sommelier, when I describe a wine as silky, I think a wine is very low in it’s acidity. For me to use the word silky, the wine has to go down without that burn you get when you drink alcohol. I use the word smooth for wines that aren’t too acidic but when I use silky, that means this bottle of wine went down just as fast as the 80 bucks I spent on it. And it was worth every penny.

Years ago, when I first started to make a little more money than my entry level pay, I wanted to treat myself to a really nice bottle of wine. I wanted the wine everyone was calling fancy at that time. So I spent about $95 on a bottle of Silver Oak. It was really hard to justify the price but I wanted to be able to have a conversation with snobby wine drinkers and finally say yes I had tried Silver Oak. I wanted  to almost hate it so I was never tempted to buy it again. But oh dear, that bottle of wine justified every penny of my really hard earned money with every drop of Silver Oak. It was a great wine.

I had that same experience with Justin Isosceles. I’m not comparing the two wines, just the experience. When I talk to people about Justin Isosceles and I mention the price, they think I am nuts considering you can buy a bottle of Justin Cabernet Sauvignon for average $35. But anyone I have ever convinced to just give it try and experience the difference, will call me and tell me the difference is bold and smooth. And just like that the 80 bucks on Justin Isosceles if justified.

But how does it taste?

The marketing team behind Justin Isosceles is spot on when they put on the back of this bottle that this is their flagship wine. When they use words like, “flavors of black cherries, and subtle notes of toasted oak and vanilla”, again they are spot on. What they missed on the bottle were the words, full-bodied, bold and smooth. This bottle of wine is fantastic with a fancy meal or works great to elevate a burger. It’s like wearing high heels with jeans. The high heels can class up anything, and that is what Justin Isosceles will do to any meal you enjoy it with.