UNDER $35 If Coca-Cola was a wine this would be it.

What I love about the wine

Ferrari-Carano Cabernet Sauvignon was first brought into my life by a friend who came over for a night cap after dinner. She stopped at the store on the way to my house and at random picked up this bottle of wine because of the name. I am a big fan of the automobile maker Ferrari, so she figured why not give it try.

While I cannot make a comparison between the car and this particular bottle of wine, (only because my husband won’t let me get one), I’d describe my test run with Ferrari-Carano Cabernet Sauvignon to be bold, dry, and not too acidic. However, my favorite take away from this bottle of wine was an instant thought of a vanilla coke. It was a not a sweet wine but everything from the sniff to the sip reminded me of a vanilla coke in a very settle way.

If you have ever cooked a ham in Vernors Ginger Soda you will know exactly what I am talking about. And if you haven’t ever cooked a ham in Vernors I suggest you give it try. Vernors just adds a hint of wow to the ham and that is what I felt the hints of toasted vanilla and cola added to this bottle of wine. It is different and delicious.

But how does it taste?

Ferrari-Carano nailed their back label. I love labels that tell you exactly what you can expect when you open their bottle. When I first tried this wine I thought I was a little crazy to think of Cola, then I grabbed the bottle, read the back label and said to my self “Bingo!” I’m not crazy. I got Cola, I got the oaky vanilla, I got the dark fruits and  I got the full-bodied.