UNDER $20 You need this in your life! If you are a fan of any of the popular Sauvignon Blanc’s out there, Koyle Costa La Flor, is MUST! I have friends who will only drink White Haven and getting them to try anything else is just not happening. However, this was a hit.

What I love about the wine

There is so much to love about Koyle Costa, from the label designs to the organic grapes it’s made with! For an added bonus it’s VEGAN!! Now, I can’t with good conscience sit here and tell you I know anything about how this or any vegan wine is vegan. Aside from that it has to do with how a wine is clarified and a process called ‘fining’, that is where my knowledge of vegan wines starts and stops.

But I do know I like to try vegan products because I try to do things that are less harmful to our environment and sometimes vegan products are hit or miss. This is a hit! I also love that it uses organic grapes. I understand I am drinking wine, a lot of wine, but the organic marketing angle helps me feel like even if I do drink the entire bottle it’s made with organic grapes. And it’s vegan, so it’s all good.

But in all honesty if you like Kim Crawford or White Haven this wine is right there with them. It’s also right in that price range you will pay about $18 for a bottle of Koyle Costa. The genius marketing group behind the label help you with its pronunciation, (kay-LAY) I mean after a few glasses I may still say it wrong, but when I picked up the bottle and read the back I knew it was kay-LAY.

But how does it taste?

Koyle Costa tastes exactly like the bottle describes, although I never got flavors of ginger. So if that would steer you away don’t let it detour you from trying a fantastic bottle of wine. It is crisp and fruity yet not sweet. You will get the aromas of citrus and white peach without question. Everything about sipping this wine took me to a costal paradise on a hot summer day.