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We are so happy to bring you wonderful companies who are excited to share their wines and spirits with you! Most of them are small vineyards and distilleries that you may have never even heard of. However, they have some exceptional products that your palate didn’t even know could possibly bring it such joy! They are offering small discounts to our Sip, Eat, Repeat community if you purchase through their site directly and use code SipEatRepeat at checkout. You can learn more about their fantastic products, maybe even get yourself a lil som’Em som’Em, by browsing their website. Plus, make sure you are spending a little time hanging out on our blog because we have spent some time sipping, enjoying and reviewing their products which you can read all about on our blogs!

Since most of these gems are small vineyards they may not be able to ship to all states at the moment. However if that is the case you can always plan a trip to their vineyard… Just kidding…. That would be amazing tho! But if they can’t ship to the state where you are sending a bottle you can always use wine.com, drizzley.com, or the winebuyer.com, just to name a few sites.