A b o u t S i p , E a t , R e p e a t

Sip, Eat, Repeat

H o w i t a l l s t a r t e d

Before I get into the story behind Sip, Eat, Repeat, I will give you a quick site tutorial. All our featured products have loved our community so much they are offering a small discount if you use our code, SipEatRepeat .

To navigate this site simply click on wine & spirits, to see our featured wines & spirits. For our none alcoholic features click on that tab and check out our featured teas and coffees.

Our blog is full of recipes and wines that I have tested and give you my uneducated palate’s review. So you know it will be honest. There are affiliate links to these wines if you want to gift them or give them a try for yourself, but we don’t have a discount code for them. At least not yet. Wink wink.   

The story behind Sip, Eat, Repeat

I remember the day I got my daughters book club chain letter in the mail. My first thought was ugh great, I don’t have time for this. And then I have to send it to 6 other mom’s who I know are busy, and are going to get this letter, and think the same thing.

My second thought was, why don’t they have me send wine! I’ll happily send a random person 1 bottle of wine, send this chain letter to 6 people and then wait two weeks to get 6 random bottles of wine in return. That sounds exciting! I mean heck keep me on the chain! I can play this game once a month! I never went to business school but that’s the best R.O.I. I’ve ever heard of! Buy 1 bottle and get 6 in return! Who doesn’t have time for that?

The next part was making this fun and easy. So I created a blog where people can find new wines and ease the guess work of which companies can ship to what states.

I believe in making our community bigger, so I’ve recently started reaching out to wineries, distilleries, brewery’s and roasters to partner up and get you guys small discounts for going through the links provided and using code SipEatRepeat

PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU HAVE TO BUY YOUR BOTTLES THROUGH THESE LINKS. It won’t hurt my feelings if you choose not go through the affiliate links. However full disclosure, I do use the extra change to buy more wine. But you can get the wine, coffee or booze through any site. We are just here to have a little fun and explore new wines and recipes.

While I brought up the term “full disclosure”, I am by no means a trained wine expert. I am just an overworked mommy of two who was sober for 3 years having kids back to back during a pandemic. That’s right, while everyone got to have a sip here and there to take the edge off of the madness, I had to experience it sober. So my credentials are simple, my palate became very unfiltered when I was able to return to drinking. 

I truly hope you enjoy the site, find new wines, try new recipes, and share a laugh with some friends and loved ones with your buy 1 get 6, bottle club.

One last thing, remember, the best part of this club is trying new wines. So get adventurous. And if you like what you tried come back and use the code for yourself. It never hurts to shop for yourself

Cheers! & ALWAYS drink responsibly. 

$120 For a Group of 4