“My only regret in life, is that I did not drink more wine.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Résonance Resonates well on the Palate

UNDER $40 If you are a Pinot Noir fan, please do yourself a favor, and let your palate dance with the taste of cherries and currants that will surprise you from your first sip of Résonance.

Rays of Light with Raymond

UNDER $50 This Cabernet Sauvignon is as rich and full-bodied as its label. I am excited to try more from their vineyard.


Under $25 A true definition to it’s name. Juggernaut is a big Pinot Noir that packs a punch.

Olé Koyle!

UNDER $20 You need this in your life! If you are a fan of any of the popular Sauvignon Blanc’s out there, Koyle Costa La Flor, is MUST!

Coach Insignia at the Country Club

UNDER $125 It’s fancy and spectacular! It’s pricy. It is straight up country club, but you won’t be disappointed. Take your time with this one because it needs a minute to open up. Once it has been decanted, brace yourself for a full bodied, yet elegant experience.

Cheers to a Great Cause

UNDER $20 WOW! This bottle is everything I love in a bottle! If you look at this bottle and think fresh, refreshing, or peachy, then you exactly on the right track.

Groth and The Monk

UNDER $75 There is nothing like a great bottle of wine paired with the perfect book.